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Here are examples of a DISTLER KdF Wagen and a CKO KdF Wagen (from chassis markings) that must have been well played with and were perhaps and their end of their play toy life !! But it looks like a child had a vision of re-creating them into a different vehicle perhaps with a Russian military theme. Check out the DISTLER VW with a cutoff roof section and the addition of a two barrel cannon with red star on the front and rear hood. Not sure what the “MWD” on the sides indicate? What about that CKO Flip Top VW transformed with the top section removed and the CCCP lettering with the red star as well !! Both also have the heavy duty thick paint and hand painted letters and stars from the same paint brush !! Well, they definitely look like a re-creation in the mind of a child with a vision of making them into another play toy with a different theme along with additional hours of more play time.

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