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Many of the highest quality Japanese tin toys were distributed by the ASAHI Trading Company (ATC) of Taito Ku, Tokyo, but not necessarily manufactured by the ASAHI Trading Company. For example, as can be seen in the original box photos of these VWs, there is the ASAHI name and logo. There is also another logo on the original box representing the manufacturer of TSUBAME TOYS (swallow bird silhouette), Tokyo, Japan. The TSUBAME TOYS VW was also distributed in the USA under the LUCKY TOY and AHI brand names as well.

A TSUBAME TOYS stamped tin plate Lowlight Ghia VW design with cut out windows. There are seam lines for the doors, front hood and rear hood with 9 indented air louvers. There is a raised line going over the front hood to represent perhaps a trim piece. Shiny front, rear tin bumpers and headlights finish off the details.

The chassis is also stamped tin plate, painted black, has a friction motor with real rubber tires and hub caps. Chassis is stamped MADE IN JAPAN and attaches to the body with bent over metal body tabs. TSUBAME also produced an Oval Window VW and a VW Bus in the same series as this Lowlight Ghia.

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: TSUBAME TOYS
  • Scale: 1/40
  • Length: 104mm
  • Production Era: 1957-1959
  • Country: Japan
  • Materials: Tin Plate
  • Color: Green, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Grey, Brown, Police Black/White

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