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The PINES company was founded in 1959 by Giuseppe Perego, (intiale P for Perego and Ines for the name of his wife), in Lomagna in Lombardy, Italy.

They produced the VW pedal cars from the mid 60's and several versions exist with only minor changes. Just to note, most of the time, the PINES VW Cabrio pedal cars are found with missing accessories such as the seat, cabrio cover, headlights and taillights. Later on, the PINES VW Cabrio was produced in the USA (PINES OF AMERICA, INC.).

The PINES VW Cabrio is a pedal car made with a colored plastic body. Since the body is plastic, there are more defined details such as the bumble bee wing on the front hood, door seams, rear deck lid and two sets of 4 horizontal air louvers. The headlights, taillights, side horn and front turn signals are separate plastic parts that are attached to the body. There is a black plastic section representing a folded down roof with cover attached behind the plastic seat section. The sitting area of the body is about 200mm X 300mm and the length of the car is  980mm, 380mm wide or about 1/4.1 scale. There is a plastic windshield that also has side vent windows and a VW front hood emblem.

The two front pedals with long metal bars are connected to and are the drive for the rear wheels. Rubber tires were mounted to steel rims or later made with plastic rims with a spoke design. A three spoke steering wheel turns the front wheels. Front and rear bumpers are separate plastic parts fixed to the body mold.

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: PINES
  • Scale: 1/4.1
  • Length: 980mm
  • Production Era: 1960S
  • Country: Italy & USA
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: Red, Light Yellow, ADAC Yellow
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