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In the 1940’s, MORRIS and STONE were a small Stoke Newington, London based wholesale toy company. They distributed toys for many small toy manufacturers. Later the company name was changed into MORESTONE and in the mid 1950’s they introduced a range called the “Esso Petrol Pump” series to compete with Lesney 1-75 range. In 1961 MORESTONE was taken over by S. Guiterman & Co and the name was changed again into BUDGIE TOYS. They went bankrupt in 1966 and MODERN PRODUCTS bought the BUDGIE trademark and continued production.

Diecast metal body with cut out windows and good details of front and rear hood, door seams and oval window with air louvers. Chassis made of metal and marked Made in England – Volkswagen Bus NO.12. The MORESTONE series consisted of twenty different diecast miniature toy vehicles, including a VW Oval Window Sedan (NO. 8) and VW Microbus (NO. 12). The wheels were diecast metal mounted on axles with crimped ends. Later, grey and plastic black wheels were also used. The MORESTONE Series was to compete with the popular MATCHBOX TOY series during the mid 1950s. The BUDGIE and MORESTONE VWs are often mistaken and called a "MATCHBOX" VW toy.

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: MORESTONE
  • Scale: 1/69
  • Length: 61mm
  • Production Era: 1957-1970
  • Country: England
  • Materials: Diecast
  • Color: Red, Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Light Brown
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