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A two piece plastic body, bottom and upper sections, representing a VW Single Cab Pickup Bus. The bottom plastic piece forms the lower back area, interior and lower front section. The lower section also has molded front and rear bumpers. The top plastic piece forms the cargo bed, cab with roof and the front “V” section. The doors are attached to the lower section with two hinges. A plastic steering wheel, headlights and the front hood VW emblem finishes of the details. The two sections are snapped together and black plastic wheels with a metal axles attach to struts of the lower underneath section. No markings anywhere. This multi colored, blue – yellow, VW Single Cab Pickup Bus is a Finnish copy of the GÖSO Götz und Söhne VW BUS V3 but made in a smaller scale.

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: UNKNOWN
  • Scale: 1/18
  • Length: 238mm
  • Production Era: 1960s
  • Country: Finland
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: Yellow/Blue
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