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This item listing on the site is very unusual in that we have only photos of the rare, 1950s era, original shipping box for the MEREHALL - MH TOYS Volkswagen Caravan Camper Bus. The VW Bus toy that was inside this box is the same as the VW Busses from CRAGSTAN and TELSALDA, also listed in this site.

MEREHALL TOYS was a toy producer based in Hong Kong who produced toys in the 1950s and 1960s under its own label, but also produced toys for toy importers in Europe and the USA. Typically those toys were branded with the toy importers name.

The original box has a very colorful artwork depicting a VW Bus with the side doors opened, an opened sunroof canopy and people sitting under a nearby shade tree. On one side of the box is a description of the features of the MH TOYS Caravan Camper VW Bus such as: Friction Drive, Chromes Wheels, Detailed Interior, Tinted Sunroof, Clip On Exterior Canopy, Two Chairs and Figures, Lift Out Tinted Plastic Sun Roof To Remove Accessories and Made in Hong Kong. The original box measures 8cm X 9cm X 17cm and has closing flaps on the ends.

Please let us know if you would have some photos of the MH TOY VW Bus itself for the site.

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: MEREHALL - MH TOYS
  • Scale: 1/28
  • Length: 152mm
  • Production Era: 1950s
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: Blue
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