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NFIC, located in Hong Kong, was one of the many producers of plastic toys. They also offered cheap small-scale toys under the label of National Toys, which were mainly copies of Matchbox toys. There were 36 cars in the National Miniature Car Series, including the VW BUS "Camping Car," No. 3120.

Hard plastic model of the VW BUS with crude detail and no bumpers. Two-piece plastic body with plastic wheels glued to plastic axles. Details include headlights, front VW emblem, two rooftop air vents and door lines. No rear window. Molded on bottom is MADE IN HONGKONG 348. Colors were orange over cream and cream over orange. The toy bears a resemblance to the SIKU VW BUS (V1), which it may have been copied from.

The toys were packaged in colorful boxes, which asked, "Do you have the other 'National' toys?" They were also sold on blister cards with the name of the importer, CHEMTOY of Chicago.

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: NFIC - NATIONAL
  • Scale: 1/70
  • Length: 59mm
  • Production Era: 1960s
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: Cream over Orange, Orange over Cream

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