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MECLINE was a brandname of Svein Stromberg in Akersgaten 39, Oslo, Norway. The company Svein Strømberg & Co. A/S was founded in 1941, began plastic production in 1946, and by the early 1950’s was a significant manufacturer of plastic household goods.
Because of import restrictions after the second world war, it was not possible to import finished plastic toys into Norway so Stromberg licensed toy molds and technical expertise from several foreign toy manufacturers, like LEGO and TEKNO. LEGO had many Volkswagen vans produced under the MECLINE brand name up until the late 1950's. TEKNO licensed the production of their toys to 3 different companies in Norway: MECLINE, MINI-CARS and NIKROM.

Like LEGO, the TEKNO die-cast vehicles were sold under the name MECLINE starting from app 1954-55. At the end of the 50's, when import restrictions were lifted, the manufacturing reverted back to TEKNO.

Diecast metal body with cut out windows and good details of the barn door style VW Bus. Produced as the Volkswagen Panel Van. Metal chassis with bumpers, axles and metal rims with rubber tires. Shinny metal headlights. Chassis stamped TEKNO but has tooling reworked to obscure the TEKNO and then stamped MECLINE. Several VW Panel Van models with a different logo were produced, but also 2 coloured plain vans or just with the lettering "taxi". We have seen VW vans with lettering of Mobiloil, Nivea, Julian, Melange Margarine, isi-cola and Pfaff.

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: MECLINE
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Length: 85mm
  • Production Era: Mid 1950s
  • Country: Norway
  • Materials: Diecast Metal
  • Color: Various Colors, Themes
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