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The Mexican toy company POLIUMEX S.A. was founded by Jorge Enrique Abud Chami, together with his brother and some friends in the mid 1950s. POLIUMEX had different divisions that produced hydraulic products as well as toys.

In the 1960s, POLIUMEX acquired the metal dies of the German TIPPCO Busses and started to produce (with license) the tin Busses under the brand name of LEMY. These toy Busses were sold in the Mexican discount retail stores for about $10 each. The LEMY line included the Samba Deluxe (#321), COCA COLA Bus with roof signs (#323), Panel Bus (#325) and Pickup Bus (#327).       

The LEMY Samba Bus is basically the same as the TIPPCO Bus since the same metal dies are used. A closer look and comparison do reveal the differences especially in the German craftsmanship of the 50s carried over even into toys. The LEMY Samba Bus has a dark grey roof section, plain metal finished interior, lavender seats with plaid design and a black plastic steering wheel.

The tin plate metal chassis has a friction motor with plastic tires with "POLIUMEX" molded on the side walls and are mounted on chrome plastic wheels. The front license plate is usually mounted upside down (or perhaps the body is upside down) and the license plate numbers read "POL-888." There is no silver lithograph around the windows and "HECHO EN MEXICO" is lithographed below the engine compartment lid.

LEMY also produced a VW Wrecker Bus which was a single cab with a metal wrecker boom or crane attached to the bed (#329).

The LEMY Samba Bus just does not have the fit and finish when compared side by side to the original TIPPCO Samba Bus. The LEMY Samba Bus was also available in a color variation with the lower body section a light green color instead of red.




Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: POLIUMEX
  • Scale: 1/36
  • Length: 115mm
  • Production Era: 1960s
  • Country: Mexico
  • Materials: Tinplate Lithograph
  • Color: Various
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