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ROSEDALE Associated manufacturers was founded in 1933 by Norman Henry Rosedale and was based in Wales, England. TUDOR ROSE was a trademark of Rosedale Plastics. Originally Rosedale/ TUDOR ROSE made novelties such as buttons, combs, plastic jewelry and toys, but by the early 1950s, plastic toys and dolls were their main output. They sold their toys at Woolworths, although all their toys were quite cheap to buy. In 1971 the Company was taken over and then in 1978 they were bought by METTOY, who sold it 5 years later. By this time they had stopped producing toys.

TUDOR ROSE seemed to have used molds from or shared with various other manufactureres of cheap soft plastic toys. Identical models were, among others, sold by BRÖHM/ VIEBROPLEX, Germany (version 2) and later in the 1970's by SIMEC, Morocco (version 3).

As far as we know, TUDOR ROSE had 3 different VW Type 2 in their assortment: 132mm, 172mm and 230mm in length.

Version 1 is a multi-colored soft plastic body with cut out windows. Front doors and rear lid can be opened; side doors can't be opened. Chassis is part of the bottompart of the toy and bumpers are molded into the body. With an original driver figure at the wheel. Crude colored plastic wheels snap into the body. TUDOR ROSE and Made in England molded inside the body. The one's which are unmarked are most probably made by other manufacturers, using the same mold.

Also a completely yellow version is known with on the side a logo; most probably a PR article... Who knows the logo?

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: TUDOR ROSE
  • Scale: 1/32
  • Length: 132mm
  • Production Era: Early 1960s
  • Country: England
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: Red, Red/Blue /Yellow, Blue/Yellow, Yellow and probably other combinations

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