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The HAMMER Company was founded by Arthur Hammer in Lüdenscheid, Germany, in 1937 and produced tools for manufacturing thermo and duroplast materials. In 1950, they bought an injection mold machine and started producing small plastic toys.

In the 1950's they produced 2 split window beetle versions in hard plastic; Hammer V1 without chassis, but with black plastic wheels on metal axles and Hammer V2 with wheels as a part of the body, no axles and a clear plastic chassis.

In the 1960's the German mold was most probably sold to South America (Peru) and the toys were produced there in a softer plastic.

This Peruvian Hammer copy V4 has a one-piece plastic body with wheels part of the body, with cut out windows except for the rear window. It has DBGM and “6” engraved inside. Unlike the German version V1, this Peruvian version never came with a chassis. Remarkably all the known versions of this V4 Peruvian copy are 1 mm larger than the original German Hammer V2.


Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: UNKNOWN
  • Scale: 1/78
  • Length: 52
  • Production Era: Late 1950s - Early 1960s
  • Country: Peru, South America
  • Materials: Soft Plastic
  • Color: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, White, but probably others too

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