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Please note that we use the numbers as used by the Wiking collector community

This version 3 came with body (#L-Ad) with VW sign on the hood and with a wider license plate at the engine lid. And there was also a body (#L-Ae) (no pictures) with an extra strong rear lid for securing the body to the chassis.

The chassis( #1d) had a WM logo on the baseplate and NO openings for the seats.The chassis colours were different Grey shades, Beige and Black.

The engine (#1b) was hollow.

The steering wheel (#2) featured 2 spokes.

The tires/ wheels (#1a) came in hard plastic and tires and rims incorporated in 1.

The seats (#2) have holes and the seats were attached to the chassis with round pegs and holes on the inside of the chassis.

The body colours were for body #L-Ad: black, blue, 2 shades of grey, chocolate brown and for body #L-Ae: black, light and dark blue, grey, green and transparent.

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: WIKING MODELLE
  • Scale: 1/40
  • Length: 105mm
  • Production Era: 1951/52
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: body #L-Ad: Black, Blue, 2 shades of Grey, Chocolate Brown and for body #L-Ae: Black, Light and Dark Blue, Grey, Green, Transparent.
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