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KÖRA, actually known as Kölle & Raab, registered in 1923 as a toy exporting and distributing company in Germany. Barbara Kölle, Alfred Kölle and Konrad Raab were the owners. KÖRA represented the smaller "unknown" German toy companies in Fürth. One of those “unknown” toy companies made this KdF Wagen toy starting around 1940 and also similar Split VW toys of the post war (Made in US Zone) period as well. Since the actual manufacturer is unknown but the KÖRA insignia appears on the original shipping box, these VW toys are known by the name of KÖRA. The KÖRA company ceased to exist on February 1, 1982. 

This KÖRA KdF Wagen toy consisted of a heavy casted zinc body that was painted in several base colors and detailed with silver painted windows, air louvers, headlights and a dab of red paint for the taillights. Casting details included the front and rear hoods and running boards. Tin plate chassis with a clockwerk motor, rubber tires on metal rims, front wheel steering and tin bumpers. There is a “D” shaped punch in the chassis. The toy car had a license plate registration of “IIN 4333” and came in a very colorful box (with the KÖRA logo) showing the KdF Wagen with a family cruising down the autobahn. The “IIN” license plate registration signified the German Bayren district and the area of Nürnberg-Fürth, the general location of KÖRA and the “unknown” manufacturer.  Because of its similar look, this KÖRA KdF Wagen toy is often referred to as a GAMA Split Window VW, which it is not. If the chassis is not stamped GAMA, then it is a KÖRA VW.

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: KÖRA
  • Scale: 1/29
  • Length: 140mm
  • Production Era: 1938-40
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Zinc
  • Color: Ivory, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow
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