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In 1935, Philip Niedermeier bought the Firm of Saalheimer & Strauß in Nürnberg, Germany, which produced penny toys and coin banks. He renamed the Company into Philipp Niedermeier and used as its trademark PN. The NIEDERMEIER production facilities were destroyed during WWII and only in 1949, the production was resumed. By then, they produced cars and trucks with friction motors, planes, boats, etc. In 1960, all tooling, molds and machinery were sold due to slow sales and the Company ceased to exist.

NIEDERMEIER produced this seldom found, very nice tin plate lithographed Volkswagen Split Window Sedan with a sunroof. It has the characteristics of a 1952/1953 model with quarter windows.Two-tone yellow and black scheme with the yellow on the lower body section and a black upper section. Yellow color on the front and read hood bumble bee wing sections. Lithographed windows with people faces, wheels, headlights and taillights. Other lithograph details include body seam lines, front and rear bumpers with over riders, rear split window, air louvers and license plate light. Rear deck lid marked MADE IN GERMANY and a license plate number of PN 419. The tin chassis with friction motor with rubber tires attaches to the body with bent over tabs. 

There is also an earlier version depicting a 1951/1952 VW Sedan model with air vents in the front quarter panels. This version was multi-colored with a yellow/black roof, orange side panels and hoods with maroon colored bumble bee wings.The bumpers are plain without overriders. The wheels are indicated on the body with the lettering Dunlop Cord 895x13.

NIEDERMEIER released the next version that represented the big window VW Sedan with a similar lithograph design and a license plate of PN 420. 

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: PHILIP NIEDERMEIER
  • Scale: 1/10
  • Length: 400mm
  • Production Era: 1952-1954
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Tin Plate Lithograph
  • Color: Yellow/Black, Yellow/red/maroon/black

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