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TIPP & CO. was founded in 1912 in Nürnberg, Germany by Mr. Carstens and Mrs. Tipp. In the 1930's the Jewish owners had to flee Germany and the company was confiscated. Only in 1949 the company was given back to its legal owners and the rebuilding of the factory, destroyed in the war began.

Nice looking lithographed tinplate VW body with details of windows with people’s faces, headlights and taillights. Cream colored stripe running down the center of the roof. Tin chassis with clockwerk motor and metal button wheels. Door lithograph reads either “Made in U.S. Zone Germany” or “Made in Western Germany.” This car was used in different TIPPCO track sets, like no 795, no. 862, no, 865 and a late 50's, unnumbered version. There may or may not be a hole on the rear fender for a gas pump nozzle in the track set.

TIPP&CO is also known as TIPPCO or TCO (the company insignia) in the toy industry as well.

The TIPPCO - TCO company bought clockwerk motors, wheels, etc. for their toys from the company Paul Weiss Laufwerk Fabrik, also located in Nürnberg, Germany. Paul Weiss Laufwerk Fabrik existed from 1919 until 1969 and produced parts for tin toys as well as clockwork motors for many manufacturers. The Paul Weiss company logo was a multi-pointed star with P.W. in the star center.

There is a Michael Seidel (MS) game AUTOROAD 1001 known with 2 modified small TIPPCO VW Splits. Both Splits had NO chassis, but featured magnets instead. On the roof the letters MS 1001 were printed as well as the MS logo. Strangely, both splits had a split front window as well. The red split was marked "Made in Western Germany" and the blue split "Made in US Zone Germany". The blue color of the Split resembled the early postwar small blue Split of TCO. See also the GEORG FISCHER US ZONE SPLIT VW GF209 listing as MS also used Georg Fisher Splits for their game. 

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: TCO TIPP & COMPANY
  • Scale: 1/44
  • Length: 93mm
  • Production Era: 1950-56
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Tin Lithoplate
  • Color: Red, Blue, Green

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