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In 1946, the PRÄMETA company, located in Cologne, Germany, was founded by Dr. von Soiron and his wife. In the beginning, they mainly produced hinges and pharmaceutical aids, but also bicycle parts! The company acquired the forms of the Eckert & Ziegler Split VW model in 1947. PRÄMETA assigned a company named Postel Spritzguss (founded in 1925 by Kurt Postel in Köln, Höhenberg) to produce the VW Split Window models. PRÄMETA then sold and marketed the models. The name PRÄMETA  was a combination of 2 words: Präzisions Metall (which translates as "precision metals"). Eckert & Ziegler as well as Postel Spritzguss were located near the PRÄMETA facility in Köln (Cologne). PRÄMETA and Postel Druckguss still exist.

The PRÄMETA Volkswagen was casted in special metal composition that resembled pewter and had solid windows. The details and indentations for the body lines are a shallow relief design. There are details of the front hood, windows, doors and rear deck lid with license plate frame. Part of the casting also included headlights, taillights, VW hood emblem and bumpers with guards. The body roofline is a little on the square side and the VW is not rounded compared to the real VW silhouette. The rear split window design is not accurate as well. The PRÄMETA VW was about 1/37 scale or about 110mm in length.

The chassis was also made out of the same metal composition as the body. The diecast metal chassis was plain with no details or markings. Axles of the chassis molding had diecast wheels that were secured with the axle mushroomed on the ends. There was steering for this PRÄMETA VW and a lever protruded out under the front bumper. The chassis was riveted to the body.

Most of the PRÄMETA VWs that were produced were just plain and unpolished that had a pewter metal look to it. The seldom found painted version sported a dull color of either red, green, yellow, brown, black or blue. The painted version came in a plain cardboard box that had a colored pencil line, drawn on the box, indicating the color of the PRÄMETA VW inside the box. Some variations were highly polished and were equipped with rubber tires as well.

The PRÄMETA Split Window VW body is a basic copy of the KdF ECKERT & ZIEGLER VW model.

Some years ago, an old metal box from the late 1940s containing many of the original PRÄMETA VWs was discovered. Over time, they were later sold on the online auctions. What a collector’s dream!

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: PRÄMETA
  • Scale: 1/37
  • Length: 110mm
  • Production Era: 1948-52
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Diecast
  • Color: Red, Blue, Brown, Black, Green, Yellow, Maroon, Unpainted

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