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Plastic body with solid windows and details of the front and rear hood, headlights, doors and bumpers. No chassis and metal or plastic different colored wheels and metal axles attached to the body. The metal wheels were a silver or brass color. Inside the roof is marked “LEMECO No.ML69”. They were sold on carton blister packaging. Also, a plastic garage is known with ML59 marking on the base. The LEMECO VW is basically a copy of WIKING SPLIT VW Small Scale V2.

They wanted to market their products with the name 'Mekanolek' but had to change to LEMECO due to trademark reasons. The lettering ML on the toys refer to Mekanolek! Parts of their production is also marketed under the name 'Selka'.

These small 1/86 scale (47mm length) Split Window VWs were produced in Sweden by the manufacturer LEMECO in the early 1950s. The three VWs were sold attached to a card with string along with the above artwork. It states: 3 self illuminating Volkswagens for 1,50 Krona. After being over 65 years old, they are still self illuminating in the dark. All photoluminescence glow in the plastic products contain phosphor. To make a glow in the dark toy, toymakers use a phosphor that is energized by normal light and that has a very long persistence - the length of time it glows. Zinc Sulfide and Strontium Aluminate are the two most commonly used phosphors.

Just to note:  LEMECO was founded in 1948 by Rune Heurlen. They resided in Hägersten, a suburb of Stockholm, until sometime in the early 1960s when they moved to Örbyhus in Uppland. They produced toy cars in 1/87th (plastic) and 1/43rd scale (metal). They manufactured the 1/87 plastic toys from 1948 until mid/late 50’s. In Örbyhus Lemeco is still remembered as "Plastfabriken" ("The Plastics factory"). In the early 1980's Lemeco went bankrupt and in 1998 the old factory buildings in Örbyhus were demolished.


Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: LEMECO
  • Scale: 1/86
  • Length: 47mm
  • Production Era: 1950s
  • Country: Sweden
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Ivory, Black, Green, Brown, Glowing
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