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One-piece plastic body, two-dimensional. The German tobacco producer Landfried issued 10 different carton collection boards with on each sheet 3-5 different cars of the era 1951-1952. In each pouch of tobacco or in each package of cigarettes 1 plastic 2-dimensional car was included. The cars had 2 pins in the back that fitted into the holes on the carton boards. The children of the tobacco buyers collected these on the carton boards. The board with the number 1 had the DKW bus, the Mercedes 170 S, the Borgward Hansa, the Opel Kapitän and the Volkswagen Split Beetle. The card board measures 20,5 cm x 15 cm and the VW Split VW measures 42 mm x 15 mm. The carton collection boards were stored in a carton box with a Merdedes on the front and the text: "Landfried Autotypen, Sammelwerk 1". This carton box came in 2 variations, both with a Mercedes on the front (see  enclosed pictures).

Please note that Landfried was not the manufacturer! The ones used by Landfried had the Landfried lettering on the back. Also known with "Haribo" markings and "Hansa Ruhm" markings. Some came without markings referring to the company marketed. Haribo was and is a manufacturer of candy, whereas Hansa Ruhm produced margarine. Also used by WARTA soap; the models were stick into the soap with the pin on the back and featured 10 different models, among which the VW Beetle and the VW Bus.

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: LANDFRIED TABAK
  • Scale: 1/95
  • Length: 42mm
  • Production Era: 1951-52
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: Green, Silver, Red, Blue, Yellow
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