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The RUCH toys initially were really kiosk toys, cheap toys sold at newspaper stands. "Ruch" means 'traffic' in Polish. On 17 December 1918, Jan Gebethner and Jakub Mortkowicz, well-known booksellers, established RUCH Polish Society of Rail Book houses. Their company was based on “trafikas”, modern train station kiosks offering press, tobacco and small goods. In the early 1960’s RUCH decided to produce cheap plastic toys also and sell them in the kiosks. The RUCH branded toys were produced in Kobyłka, Poland. In 1972 production moved to Siedlce, Poland and the RUCH brand name was discarded. The production in the 1960s was mostly airplane construction kits and cars. Initially they copied toys by Western manufacturers, like MATCHBOX, WIKING and AIRFIX (airplanes). As from the late 60’s, many Polish car makes were produced: (Syrena, Warszawa, Fiat 125p), vans (Nysa, Zuk), trucks (Star 28 und C-28) and buses (Jelcz, Sanok). Other Eastern European cars (Moskvitch 408, Wartburg 353) were modelled as well.

Plastic body with solid windows and fair details of front and rear hood, door seams and rear oval window with 7 air louvers. The doors have the wind wing bar, front fenders have head light indents, taillights and the there is a front hood handle.

There is a plastic chassis with molded front and rear bumpers with guards only on top of the bumpers. The chassis is molded with raised curved tabs with holes to attach the black plastic wheels and axles. The chassis of the L.J. RUCH V2 is different than V1 as it has a center raised bar used for strength and to support the wheels with metal axles. The chassis, molded with L.J., is glued to the body. This is a copy of the body of the early oval window Beetle by WIKING.

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: L.J. RUCH
  • Scale: 1/87
  • Length: 47mm
  • Production Era: 1960
  • Country: Poland
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: Red, Ivory
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