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Rafael Paya Pico, a local tinsmith, started in the year 1902 a factory in Ibi, Alicante, for sheet products, metal foundry and repair of music instruments. In 1906, his sons Pascual, Emilio and Vicente started producing metal toys. In 1905 they founded the Company Paya Hermanos (PH). During the Spanish Civil War the company Paya Hermanos was collectivized and made fuse and ammunition. Production was resumed in 1946 after the war. Paya Hermanos was the first Spanish Company which used splashing-machines for plastic and light alloys.They used Paya Hermanos as trademark as well as simply PAYA.

A large plastic body of an Oval Window Volkswagen with cutout windows and good details.  PAYA logo on the front hood. Painted tinplate interior with steering wheel. Metal bumpers attached to the body with tabs. Metal chassis painted black with a friction drive motor and rubber wheels. Body attaches to the chassis with four melted plastic posts from the body. PAYA Catalog N.o 3015.

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: PAYA
  • Scale: 1/19
  • Length: 215mm
  • Production Era: Mid 1950s
  • Country: Spain
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: Turquoise, light blue, white, yellow, salmon
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