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COMPAGNIE INDUSTRIELLE du JOUET (CIJ) was founded by Fernand Migault in 1920, Paris, France. CIJ received exclusive rights from Citroen and produced until 1934 many Citroen models. In 1929 ownership of CIJ changed into the hands of the family Babterosses and they moved the production site to Briare-le-Canal, France. After 1934, they had exclusivity rights with Renault until the mid 1950's. This explains why CIJ had many Renault toys whereas other producers hardly had any.
CIJ produced the VW Oval VW and is a one-piece diecast metal body that has cut out windows and indentations of the front hood and bumble bee wing rear deck lid. Also, casted were the seam lines for the rain gutter, doors, running boards and engine compartment air louvers under the cut out rear oval window. The chassis of the CIJ toy Volkswagen was stamped out of tin plate and was painted silver or a metallic gray color. The chassis was stamped with the CIJ insignia and also the lettering VOLKSWAGEN - MADE IN FRANCE. The plastic rims came in a couple colors such as red or yellow. Mounted on the colored plastic rims were white rubber tires. The rims are "V" shaped and require special tires. There are a couple minor variations in the taillight and license plate areas *see below).  Reproduction CIJ Oval Windows were produced in the late 2000s.

Series 1 Triangle Taillights/Yellow or Red Plastic Wheels/Shiny Silver Base Plate *ca. 1954/55*.

Series 2 Triangle Taillights w/ "stencil" Orange-Red Dot/Red Plastic Wheels/Very Dark Grey Base Plate *ca. 1955 only* Seemingly rare series.

Series 3 Round Taillights/Red Plastic or Grey Metal Wheels/Medium Grey Base Plate *ca. 1956 to 1961*.

Series 4 Round Tailights/Chrome Wheels which may be Plastic? Or Metal? Undoubtly the rarest of the CIJ lot, have seen this version toy in (3) three colors, Beige - Red - and Grey-White.


Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: CIJ
  • Scale: 1/45
  • Length: 90mm
  • Production Era: Mid 1950s
  • Country: France
  • Materials: Diecast Metal
  • Color: Cream, Metallic Green, Red, Blue
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