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Oval Window Volkswagen Toys

Oval Window Volkswagen Toys (163)

If you want to see our Oval Window Volkswagen toys, please choose one of the manufacturers from the drop list on the right. Below you can read more about history of the Oval Window VW.


Volkswagen Sedans produced before 1953, looked almost identical to the Split Window KdF Wagen designed before WWII. In March of 1953, Volkswagen changed the rear split windows of the Sedan and added a slightly larger oval window. This oval window was said to increase visibility out of the rear of the car up to 33%. But then on the other hand, 33% of almost no rear window did not amount to much either. By August 1955, the one millionth Volkswagen Sedan rolls of the production line in Wolfsburg, Germany. In the years prior, minor changes were continually made to improve the car. In August, 1958, saw the end of the Oval Window Volkswagen Sedan era. The rear window was replaced with a very large size piece of glass and for the first time, the driver could actually see that run away truck coming from behind.

Well, the model and toy manufacturers of that 1953-57 era also made changes in their production methods to represent the Oval Window VW as well.  If they were already producing Split Window VW toys, changes were made to produce the newer looking oval rear window.  If they were introducing a VW Sedan in their new product line, you bet it had an oval rear window. There were even kits being sold for the owner of a real size Split Window Sedan to convert over to an oval window, overnight, in their garage. This kept the owner up to date and made the neighbors think that owner got a new VW.

This section of the Vintage Volkswagen Models and Toys site features the 1953-57 Oval Window Volkswagen Sedan. 



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