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PRÄMETA Split Window VW Article

In 1946 the PRÄMETA Company (Cologne, Germany) was founded by Dr. von Soiron and his wife. In the beginning they mainly produced hinges and pharmaceutical aids, but also bicycle parts!! The Company…
Published in PRÄMETA

COMANDO V1 Oval Window VW Article

The split rear window on the Volkswagen Beetle was replaced with an oval window in March of 1953 and was then later replaced with a “big” window in the 1958…
Published in COMANDO


Back in the 1950's, the Japanese toy manufacturers were producing tin plate toy vehicles like it was going out of style. The tin cars depicted the automobiles of the same 1950's…

DISTLER Split Window VW Article

Volkswagen models, promotionals and toys have been produced in many scales, colors and materials over the years. Some have been produced with very fine details and others as a caricature…
Published in DISTLER
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