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Matchbooks have been around since 1892, when Joshua Pusey patented the idea of paper matches, whose tips were dipped in a solution of sulphur and phosphorus and then stapled to a piece of cardboard. The Diamond Match Company promptly purchased Pusey’s paten, and in 1894, a company salesman named Henry Traute got his first order for 10 million matchbooks bearing ads for Pabst Beer on their covers. Widespread acceptance only came after Traute realized that if his matchbooks were given away for free, they could be used to sell other products. Soon matchbooks were offered to customers of tobacco products, or left in the ashtrays of coffee shops and motels for the convenience of diners and overnight guests. Well, it was meant to be that the early Volkswagen Dealerships also used the matchbook idea for advertisement and shown here are some of the vintage matchbooks which are now collectable.

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