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The company Phenoplast Bischoff & Co. was located in Berlin and was active in the 1930’s until 1945 when the factory was dismantled by Russian troops, who transported all machinery to Russia (as a kind of war compensation). This is what they did as a rule with all companies they could lay their hands on.

The company was specialised in resin-pressed parts of Phenoplast, Bakelite, Pollopas, etc. One of their activities was the development of patents for resin parts and products.

The company cooperated with several blue-chip companies like Carl Zeiss, the Volkswagenwerks, Ambi-Bud, etc. Up until the early war years (app. 1941) they produced and developed regular civilian products. As from 1941, they were forced by the regime to produce for war-fare. Parts for Kübelwagen and Schwimmwagen, or Bakelite containers with anti-poison (against poison attacks) or containers/sleeves for explosives.

PHENOPLAST was commissioned by JGES in 1938 to develop the KdF Wagen toys in many different forms and variations. They produced templates or patterns for the JGES KdF Wagen for patent purposes and for testing the materials used. Furthermore, they developed several sets and variations of JGES KdF toys in colourful boxes, which were meant for the JGES sales force to use in their sales efforts in toy shops in Germany. Due to the start of the war this came to a stop and no sales material actually was delivered to JGES. It remained with PHENOPLAST until some staff cleared the inventory in 1945 before the Russians came to dismantle the production facilities and close down the company. The KdF JGES inventory resurfaced again around 2014.

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: PHENOPLAST
  • Production Era: 1938-1945
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Bakelite
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