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The Vintage VW Model and Toy Club

is to serve as a central location for vintage Volkswagen Toy model enthusiasts owning or having interests in this hobby... read more

We invite all persons interested in vintage Volkswagen Models and Toys to join the web site club. It is free! This allows you to meet enthusiasts with similar VW interests and to provide the resources of sharing and exchanging information to help you enjoy your vintage Volkswagen Model and Toys hobby to the fullest!

Message of the moment

Dear collector friends, in the last 4 years we have been very busy filling the website with all the information we have gathered in the last decades. We now can say that we have the most comprehensive listing of all vintage vw models on our site. But, we regularly come across new discoveries, variations and the like. We therefore very much appreciate your comments and input. Remember, we all need each other to gather the best information possible! So we need YOU too! We made it easier to communicate with each other: we added a FORUM. Please check the Forum tab and start a discussion!! Please note that some older versions of Explorer do not work with our forum. We have a lot of traffic on the site and it would be great when YOU ALL share your ideas, sugestions and discoveries with us on the FORUM!

Our vision is that, by using the site, anyone will be able to access up to date and accurate information. And therefore we also need YOUR contributions. Now imagine being at a flea market, antique or toy show, online auction, etc. and wanting information about a particular Vintage VW model. If you have a Laptop, Smart Phone, i-Pad or Tablet, the latest information will be in the palms of your hand. You cannot get any better than that! 

Furthermore, like us/ forward us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK! it helps spread the word on our site and it invokes more information!!

Please NOTE that you have to go to the top TABS in order to visit a specific section, like split beetles, ovals, busses, convertibles or restor versions. You then see the pulldown menu at the right with all the manufacturers regarding that particular section! The page where you are NOW is just the home page.

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Rarest of the Rare

These VWs are really hard to find but still obtainable

    A cast aluminium body with solid windows and lights that are painted dull silver. There is a casting seam running along the center roofline. Metal base plate with clockwerk motor,…


Let us know if you have information on these VWs

  • FOV-600 VW BUS
    FOV-600 VW BUS
    A tin plate VW Deluxe Bus with a very colorful lithograph design made by an unknown producer. The design is tri-colored with a yellow top, orange middle section and lower…

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